Choni Grunblatt's Releases

Choni Grunblatt was born in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1984. As a child he showed a promising future with a vibrant music career.
At age 11 he had the honor to be introduced to the Teatro Coliseo stage to acompany the greatest Jewish superstar Mordechai Ben David. 
From that moment, it's all history in the making. Many years later and with ongoing private voice lessons and vocal training, he participated in the first season of A Jewish Star competition in the United States where he was top voted by the public as their favorite. Here is his rendition.
At that time he had already formed his own band and started a productions company named Orah Producciones, produced concerts Showtime 1 and Showtime 2 and Avraham Fried Life in Argentina. 
He is vocally trained to interpret diverse styles, from pop to operas. 
He is currently working on his debut album to be released end of 2014, early 2015. Two song were already published as singles as a teaser. 
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