Ari Bluzenstein - Yerushalayim

Ari Bluzenstein - Yerushalayim

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Listen to a very brand new song "Yerushaleiyim" released by 'Ari Bluzenstein' you'll really enjoy it!

Ari is a name yet new to the world of our Heimish music industry but with a real talent hidden behind, Ari started out in the entertainment line as an actor on the famous plays by "The Intern Chavrayah" and then moved on.

Ari also participates in as a singing member a few other Adult Choirs going around to Simches & Elegant Events, starting out at the "Chavivin Choir" led by Meir Briskman and then began to sing in one special: the "Chavrayah Choir" led by R' Shloime Roth where Ari is a 'Shabbes Member', this one is very special because R' Shloime very much pushed him to put out some own music.

So here he is with his very own brand new heartwarming filled with emotion composition called "Yerushaleiyim" that is produced and arranged by the talented musician 'Hershy Pavel' and vocals plus the choirs was done by 'Yossi Framowitz' "Yufah Productions"!

A Special Thanks to all these who helped me out throughout the days and especially in this project: To my dear Mother, My dear only Brother Nechemya, My Sisters, Meir Briskman, R' Shloime Roth, Motty Illowitz, Yoeli Braun, R' Lazer Nauhaus, Shloime Steinmetz & The Whole Intern Chavrayah, Chaim Meir Fligman, Hershy Pavel, Yossi Framowitz, Yossi Shick!
Composed & Sung by: Ari Bluzenstein.
Child Soloist: Duvid Twersky.
Music Arranged & Produced by: Hershy Pavel.
Choirs Arranged & Recorded by: Yossi Framowitz.
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