Avrumy Holczler - Shofar Gadol

Avrumy Holczler - Shofar Gadol

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Rav Shmuel Brazil Presents: Project Hakshivah

Though its been many years since prolific composer Rav Shmuel Brazil has released any original music to the public, music is always a part of his life. For the first time in over a decade Rav Brazil is ready to release some original niggunim under a new brand, "Hakshivah." I am proud to present the first single from the project titled “Shofar Gadol.”


The sefarim tell us that the Shofar "Gadol" of the geulah is composed of all the compounded shofar blasts of every Rosh Hashanah experience throughout the generations. This interpretation reveals that Am Yisrael are the ones who must bring about the final geulah. Yeshaya Hanavi says (58,1)כשופר הרם קולך  that one should raise his voice to sound like a shofar. The blasts of the shofar awaken us from our slumber and stir our hearts to connect to the geulah that lies deep within every Yid. A nigun that one sings should also possess the same spiritual force of the shofar whose goal is to deepen one's emunah and deveikus in Hashem. If this is the nature of the niggun, then by singing it one makes it worthy to become an addition to the Shofar Gadol. The Navi Daniel beseeches Hashem (Daniel 9,19) הקשיבה ואל תאחר  listen to my tefillah and do not delay the geulah any longer. This project is named "Hakshivah" for it is my hope that these original nigunim will awaken every Yid to be an active participant in the blowing of his inner shofar from the depths of his neshamah connecting his to Moshiach's majestic Shofar Gadol.

Rav Shmuel Brazil

Elul 5779



Produced By: Zev Becker

Composed By: Rav Shmuel Brazil

Sung By: Avrumy Holczler

Vocals Recorded By: Neumann Studios / Motty Gantz

Music Arranged By: Zev Becker

Drums: Avi Avidani

Guitar: Avi Singolda

Trumpet: Kenny Wallach

Keys & Programming: Zev Becker

Mix & Mastered By: Shimon Strohli

Cover Art By: Yossi Zweig