Dylan Homapour - Adon Haselichot

Dylan Homapour - Adon Haselichot

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Adon HaSelichot is one of the oldest known piyutim, liturgical poems, in the canon of High Holiday prayers. In Sephardic communities, the piyut is at the center of the Selichot service, recited daily, besides Shabbat, from the 2nd day of Elul until after Yom Kippur. Enjoy this exciting version of this Tefilla featuring vocalist Dylan Homapour who has previously released a number of covers of popular Jewish songs.

For Bookings Call: (516)399-9059 Or Email: Dylanhomapour@gmail.com

Produced By: Hillel Kapnick (www.HillelKaps.com)

Recorded @ Uptop Studios (Monsey, NY)

Production Assistance: Baruch Naftel (Lazer Productions)