Moshe Tischler - Bishvili

Moshe Tischler - Bishvili

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Taking the world by storm, Moshe Tischler, with his debut single titled 'Bishvili', will blow your mind. One thing is guaranteed, Jewish music has yet to hear such a combination of energy, musicality & emotion captured all in one!


Moshe has teamed up with some of the hottest names in the Jewish music industry. These include new British sensation, arranger & pianist, Shloimy Salzman, successful hit composer, Mordechai Brezel and mixed by the wondrous Ian Freitor (PlayMaster studio)


Full of endless charismatic energy throughout all weddings and concerts, Moshe brings much joy and happiness to audiences as he makes his way around the globe, performing all over the US and internationally.  


'Bishvili', with it's inspirational lyrics, infuses listeners with a strong belief how every single Jewish neshomo plays a special and unique role in the make up of our world! 



Vocals - Moshe Tischler

Produced/Arranged - Shloimy Salzman

Composed - Mordechai Brezel

Lyrics - Eliyahu Raful & M Brezel


Drums - Asher Fedi

Guitars - Chaim Bokchin

Bass Guitar - Ramon de Bruyn

Mix & Master - PlayMaster/Ian Freitor

Artwork & Marketing - Yossi Zweig

DeG Studio

Salzman UK Studios