Yehuda Freundlich - Yeh Hakol - Got It All

Yehuda Freundlich - Yeh Hakol - Got It All

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Yehuda Freundlich started playing keyboard at the tender young age of 8. By the time he was Bar Mitzvah he was already playing smaller simchas, and by 16 he was playing and singing professionally at all kinds of events and simchas. About five years ago, Yehuda started focusing solely on singing, as more people were requesting his vocal prowess. Over the years, he has performed at hundreds of simchas all over the US and Canada.

Recently, Yehuda noticed more and more that people have become more engrossed with what their neighbor or friend has, and they aren’t happy with their lot in life- “The grass is greener on that side of the fence" kind of frame of mind. Being that Freundlich’s way of connecting with people was through song, he started looking for a song that would convey that message. It was at that time that he approached world renowned prolific composer, Yitzy Walder, to help compose such a song. Once they discussed the song style and message, inspiration quickly hit Yitzy and this new hit wrote itself.

From there Yehuda contacted famed producer and arranger Doni Gross to help take the song to the next level. Once Doni heard the potential of the song, he immediately knew they had to contact famed lyricist Miriam Israeli to portray lyrically what Yitzy had done musically. The result is a song of positivity, with lyrics in both Hebrew and English which are sure to get you dancing. Going forward let’s focus on what we HAVE because needing more is having less.


Composed by: Yitzy Waldner

Lyrics by: Miriam Israeli

Produced, Arranged, Mixed & Mastered by: Doni Gross

Recorded at: DEG Studios

Lyrical Video by:

PR: Yossi Zweig