Yosef Kugler - Nolda

Yosef Kugler - Nolda

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More than a year after his debut single Shira Chadasha, rising singer Yosef Kugler decided the time has come to release another song.  "Nolda", a beautiful pumping slow song that describes how when one completely immerses himself in finding the greatness of Hashem there will be born a constant fear and dread before Him.


Composed by: Yakov Willner 

Arranged by Noach Lurman and Moshe Siegel

Mixed and Mastered by Yisrael Laub of Little Box Records

Cover art by Tani Frisch


כשמתבונן ומעמיק מאד בגדולת האיך הוא ממלא כלעלמין וסובב כל עלמין וכולא קמיה כלא חשיב נולדהונתעוררה מדת יראת הרוממות במוחו ומחשבתו ליראולהתבושש מגדולתו שאין לה סוף ותכלית ופחד הבלבו


For when the intellect in the rational soul deeply contemplates and immerses itself exceedingly in the greatness of G‑d, how He fills all worlds and encompasses all worlds, and in the presence of Whom everything is considered as nothing— there will be born and aroused in his mind and thought the emotion of awe for the Divine Majesty, to fear and be humble before His blessed greatness, which is without end or limit, and to have the dread of G‑d in his heart.


Special thanks to Noach Lurman and Moshe Siegel for all the hard work they put into the arrangement, Yisroel Laub for taking the song to the next level, Tani Frisch for the sick cover, and Muzik Nashun Studios for getting in some last minute vocals.